Peacocking and other evils

9:46 AM

As you all now know the alphas of today are not alpha at all so I want to elaborate on ways in which you can be alpha in a somewhat real sense. Now of course if you don’t have it in you genetically to be a leader of men then you will never be alpha is the fullest sense of the word. Real men can smell a phony a mile away. This is going to be about ways you can mark yourself with indicators of reproductive fitness. Essentially what “alpha” means in a game context is outlier. You stand out in some way and mark yourself as special. You DHV (display higher value) through the way you look, talk, and carry yourself. In its most degenerate form this phenomenon results in “peacocking” where some fag like Mystery dresses up like a postmodern vampire to get attention. You can see an example of this in the link above (no the picture is not getting posted here, we’ve had enough of pictures in posts for a while).

There is just one problem…word has gotten out. Every fucking guy is going out with eye makeup, some kind of gaudy shirt, or he is wearing goggles on his forehead like he is an airship pilot in a Japanese video game (goggles as an accessory would merit the death penalty if I were in charge). In effect all these peacocks look the same. Don’t believe me? Check out these photos from a Swedish nightclub. Pretty brutal right? It is like everything bad about America spreads like wildfire and everything good isn’t even practiced in America anymore. We could go on and on about the tit jobs, the kissy faces, bad plastic surgery, outright douchebags, and orange tans but the point of this post is not to pick apart the fuck puzzle of modern club culture. How the hell do you stand out in an environment like that? What does the peacock do in the land of multicolor feathers?

The answer is don’t fucking peacock, at least not in the way they do it. There are numerous reasons for this. The tests women throw in front of you aren’t screening for fashion sense, they are screening for manhood. In fact the man who has all of the thimble full of courage necessary to dress like a douchebag when everyone else is doing it is demonstrating that he is a follower. If there is any central truth that you need to internalize about game it is the fact that women don’t want followers. They want trailblazers, leaders…alphas.

There is also the moral point that you shouldn’t be trying to conform to female standards with displays of socially acceptable conspicuous consumption. Female “standards” are really just a stumbling block to deter pussies and cowards. If a woman is saying that a man good enough for her must have designer clothes, a luxury car, and a big house she is a fucking liar. She is spreading her legs for dudes without jobs or cars of any sort. The male inclination to assume women have a “see it->want it” psychology is a case of projection. Yes men do project as well. You assume women think like you do and you will strike out every time. Women don’t just jump into something because it looks good. They test it out. Money cant buy game no matter what society says.

So don’t assume that you need to meet every single item on a 300 bullet point checklist just to talk to a girl. The second she gets a whiff of manhood it wont matter what clothes you wear. That’s the way you peacock: be a man. Manhood is so rare today that real men stand out. Remember that men are the active principle of humanity. Things don’t happen to men, men happen to things. Men don’t conform to social standards, they are standards unto themselves. Yes, being yourself really does work (that is to say if “yourself” is worth a shit to start out with). Refuse to be just another pussy wearing eyeliner and a designer shirt. Don’t buy any of the useless bullshit society tells you to buy. Buy clothes that are functional and work well in whatever activities you engage in. If you need a car get a car that gets you from point A to point B. Only get something more if you actually need it for something you do. A woman wont care as long as you display proper dominance.

Did you ever wonder why our society has such an obsession with appearance? It is because we are living in the most insubstantial age western civilization has seen since the fall of Rome. Nobody has anything of any merit on the inside so they buy themselves ornaments to adorn the empty shell that is their pathetic existence. The terrifying fact of our age is that if you work out and eat right you are in the top 10% of humanity from a physical standpoint. The barest competence is enough to put you in the elite of any field. Think about the implications of that. The human race is so debased that the best of us are those who show up and do a mediocre job. Excellence at least relative to the rest of the human race is within easy reach of us all. Strive for excellence and you will stand out more than all the homos with their goggles and top hats could ever hope to.

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