Paper Alphas

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Jack Donovan over at The Spearhead makes an important point

Some regard these slick manipulators as our modern “alphas”—but this is too abstract. The Nuckys of the world are not alphas in any meaningful primitive sense. They work systems and deal in artifice; they are adept businessmen, bosses, players and puppeteers. They are “economic” or “political” alphas—paper alphas, even—who may or may not display the qualities that our natures recognize as dominant. As with the pandering Nucky, they achieve dominant status through affecting the posture of submission—to women, special interest groups, and so forth. These paper alphas will sell out their brothers to make a quick buck—they are without loyalty—which is why men have always been distrustful of those who choose politics as a profession or who place too much value on material gain for its own sake.

For those of us who are not players and who find the game distasteful, it is useful to abandon idealistic thinking and imagine what the paper alphas want, if only to disabuse oneself of false hope and to re-evaluate doomed strategies. The Nuckys are motivated by greed, not justice, common sense or a moral compass—though every man must have his moments.

Yeah yeah I know what I said about including pictures to create an artificial sense of length…but this is pertinent.

Those whom we call alphas today are not alphas in any natural sense. They hide behind the veneer of our institutions. They are shielded by our laws. Their power is based on women and minority voters who only matter because the law says they do and people still adhere to our laws on political caste for the most part.

The “Nucky” he refers to is Enoch Johnson, the historical subject of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Nucky uses his ability to feign sincerity to cozen newly minted female voters to create moral panic legislation that drives vices like alcohol and gambling underground and thus drive up profits for underground suppliers of those commodities (like himself). You have to admit it is a pretty good con. Nucky is an alpha in the “game” sense of the word. In a female setting he can appear dominant and tingle enough ginas to get women to do whatever he wants. Now personally I don’t like the term “alpha” in a game context but I recognize this is common use and here to stay. The key phrase here is dominant “in a female setting”. Nucky is also a sharp political party boss in the old Boss Tweed mold so he isn’t the best example because he is also genuinely dominant in a natural sense. Take “Mystery” for example

Now by all accounts this guy is rolling in pussy. But look at him…he’s a fucking faggot. In a more lawless time he would have gotten his throat cut by a real man the first time he swaggered into a bar and put on his hot shit act. Men like this are only allowed to exist and express “dominance” in a socially acceptable way because it is illegal to express dominance of the natural variety. You might think I mean bloodshed but that isn’t the whole story.

An oft quoted factoid in the manosphere is “historically 80% of women have reproduced while only 40% of man have”. This is an explanation for “hypergamy” or the inherent female desire to “marry up”. However it also reveals a genetic truth. Men have more range than women. Since most women have been able to reproduce they have clustered towards the mean. Looks (and status) are less clearly differentiated. You can see this by observing female packs in the wild. Think about it, pretty much any non obese 18 year old woman is reasonably attractive. They are constantly jockeying for position and putting each other down trying to score minor status victories. The closer two people are the more frequent and vicious the competition will be.

Men are the exact opposite. Since fewer men have reproduced there are more outliers. Dominance is far clearer. You get a group of men (only men) together and they will sort out a pecking order very quickly because dominance is usually physically obvious. Since men stop fighting each other once status is established for everyone all male groups are much more efficient than all female groups. All male groups “get shit done” this is why women are inherently wary of any male gathering without women

Of course once a woman is around conflict will reemerge because the natural male hierarchy cannot survive the even stronger male desire for women. Under normal circumstances a male 6 will not challenge a male 9, but if a woman is on the line male biology has a strong impetus to swing for the rooftops and damn the consequences. The extreme competition for women is the enemy of male cohesion and thus all human progress. This is why monogamy is a characteristic of patriarchy. Monogamy puts an end to extreme sexual competition and allows men to focus on building civilization.

But back to the main thrust of my point…any man will know who the real alphas are when he is in their presence. The paper alphas of today only exist because of an unsustainable and unnatural social system which subsidizes their existence. Calling a guy “alpha” who can go out in complete confidence that his actions will have no physical consequences and the state will back him up if another guy says they do is a ridiculous use of the word. The feminism/diversity industrial complex is all about protecting women and minorities from the natural consequences of their actions. But we don’t talk about the weak faggot men who also seek protection under the shield of these laws. Their social position is just as unnatural as the divorced choice mommy living off of child support in her ex husband’s house or the welfare ghetto ape. It will fall just as hard (and probably harder) when the material basis for their existence is revealed to be the rotten foundation that it is.

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