Female BMI as a measure of male social power

9:37 AM

American women are fat and Russian women are thin. So what’s the deal? In short the weaker men are socially the fatter women tend to get.

I like to make broad sweeping generalizations based on personal experience because they are almost always true, however the following is going to require a few caveats to maintain the proper level of rigor. First of all we need to factor out opportunity. This does not apply in places so poor that it is impossible for women to get fat even if they wanted to. We are basically talking the poorer parts of west Africa and south Asia. Secondly we need to factor out culture. Swedes and French are just not going to get as fat as Americans or Mexicans because the commonly eaten foods and activity patterns tend to prevent it. This is why the American to Russian comparison works so well. Fattening (not fatty…animal fat is great for you…go paleo!) foods are part of the common diet in both America and Russia. Also neither country is so poor that actual food security is a serious issue. So since culture and opportunity are factored out how can we account for the discrepancy in female BMI?

Essentially male power and social status are directly proportional to the societal need for males…that is to say female need for males. In poor societies that have a weak welfare state and security apparatus much of the day to day “handling of business” must be done privately by males. If the cops are absent, worthless, or corrupt a woman in the street needs a man to protect her. In the absence of a welfare state (and a diversity industrial complex to create make work affirmative action jobs for protected classes) a woman needs a man to support her and her children. Russia is a perfect example of this. For whatever economic progress they made since Soviet days Russia is still not a first world country. Security is shaky, the government is unreliable, and women need men to survive. I have heard accounts of fat Russian guys who get drunk every night and beat the shit out of their model class girlfriends and the women stick with them. Why? Because they need those men to survive. In fact they work hard to keep those guys happy. They stay thin and always have perfect makeup and stylish clothes. In America these same women would be pedestalized and treated like goddesses. Not in Russia.

The situation in the states is the exact opposite. Although government services are slipping in quantity and quality due to the incompetence of our ruling class personal security is still pretty much a given outside of areas blessed with the wonders of diversity. The state is a super effective surrogate husband and father which looks out for the material interests of women and their children. In the US of A women really can survive without a man. So it is not so much a question of needing a man but wanting one. This has vastly increased women’s relative sexual market value. The reason there are so many “beta providers” these days is because for hundreds of years it was a very effective breeding strategy. The steady and stable man that sticks by you and treats you well is a smart bet in an uncertain world. Playing the “good man” card was enough for a long time. Now it is not enough. Female sexuality is no longer bound by the necessities of survival. Having a man is now an “extra”. Women are free to be far choosier than they might have been in the days of hard living on the frontier.

This has created an opposite sexual dynamic to that of Russia. In America women do not work to please men, men work to please women. A man no longer has the “you need me” card so he has to appeal to female hypergamous instincts to get anywhere which is a tall order indeed when you consider how much the feminist state has empowered women and elevated their status. Women are in a privileged sexual bargaining position. This allows them to get away with much more than they would in less “civilized” societies. An American man without game who wants sex is going to have to tolerate much more bitchy behavior and extra weight than a Russian man would. The “empowerment” of feminism has freed women in more than just the political sphere. Social checks on the excesses of female behavior no longer exist. This means women are able to chase their ids without opposition. After all, if she is an independent woman (thanks to the government) why should she make a special effort to please a man? Her pussy is gold plated and she is a goddess princess who deserves to be treated as such.

This is why feminism is so pernicious. An extra 30-40 pounds on a woman completely destroys her looks and reduces the aggregate beauty of the world. I mourn at this truth. Remember that incentives matter and excellence is rare. Nobody ever achieved anything great without being challenged. Indeed you can destroy nascent greatness by giving away the rewards easily. This is how feminism destroys beauty and patriarchy preserves it. Without the challenge of needing a man women have no incentive to take care of themselves. Over time this destroys their mind as well and they become as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside. What a waste.

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